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Did you know: we have a kink meme???? Yes.

The KH kink meme’s actually been around for a long time, but the original runner fell out of fandom; when it moved, most people didn’t seem to realize it!

The current meme is here, while previous fills can be found either here or here. (Second is just an archive of the fills; first is the original meme including unfilled requests, but LJ is sort of ass).

Here’s some prompts that are waiting for fills, because why not: 

  • Xemnas/Terra - what is says on the tin and in that order
    I’ve seen Xemnas obsessing over Aqua in fics before, but I’d like to see something where he’s after the original owner of his body and all that’s attached.
  • After rescuing the BBS trio, Riku tries to help Terra get control and come to peace with his Darkness. The problem is that Terra’s Darkness is really powerful and attractive and it’s hard for Riku to resist, like one addict to another. Sexy times appreciated but not necessary.
  • Sora/Kairi/Riku
    Destiny trio having some awkward fail!sex where everyone ends up laughing too much to continue sexy funtimes.
  • Xion/Kairi or Xion/Namine. Awkward first times, and general confusion. If Xion/Namine, perhaps altered memories so namine can have her way with Xion.
  • Terra/Kairi; size difference, Kairi riding him
  • Axel/Isa or Saix/Lea I’m not terribly picky in kink, just as long as it’s suitably morbid

(Source: sorceressrinoa)